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APSWREIS FIFCAT-2016 Rank Cards Released
APSWREIS FIFCAT-2016 Rank Cards Released

APSWREIS FIFCAT-2016 Rank Cards Released

APSWREIS FIFCAT-2016 Rank Cards Released


Andhra Pradesh state government started the Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (APSWREIS) in 1984 to provide quality education to poor SC, ST, and OBC students by establishing the residential schools, a step that was path breaking in those days itself. This tiny step not only rescued thousands of children, from becoming dropouts, but also transformed them as employable by ensuring their entry into the impervious domain of higher education.
Amidst growing concerns over quality of education in the state run schools in the rural India, APSWREIS has emerged as the lone bright spot by producing thousands of outstanding despite many challenges. In 2013 alone it had sent approximately 60 students to IITs and NITs and hundreds to medical and engineering colleges in the state. Students of APSWREIS schools have been consistently showing extraordinary performance in the board examinations vis-a-vis other state run educational institutions.
There are 177 residential schools for students of Class V to Class XII with 97,708 students. 75% of the seats are reserved for SCs, 12% for converted Christians, 6% for the Scheduled Tribes (ST), 5% for the Backward Castes (BC), and 2% for Other Castes (OC). Reservation is also provided for children who are the victims of worst human rights abuse and natural calamities. APSWREIS has evolved as an institution that particularly cares for girls with about 91 institutions (69%) reserved for girls. There are about 4000 teachers in the society making teacher-student ratio to 1:32.
APSWREIS is a grant in aid institution whose budgetary requirements are totally provided by the government of A.P. It has a unique plate to slate approach where all amenities including tuition, boarding, books, uniform, foot wear, plates, toiletries, etc are provided to the children at State’s cost.
APSWRIES has robust infrastructure with 162 school complexes functioning in own building and another 17 are under construction. APSWREIS has been the pioneer in leveraging technology both, in administration and education and made rapid strides in achieving efficiency through technology. Today all 177 institutions are a part of an intranet with assured connectivity, own an e-mail service and a website. The academic progress of the students and teachers is monitored online through Student Academic Monitoring System (SAMS). The staff gets salaries online through HRMS-Payroll System . Today APSWREIS is reaching out to almost 161of its institutions through state run SAPNET, ‘MANA TV’ to arrange lectures for EAMCET, LAWCET, I-CET by the experts. APSWREIS continues to stay tuned with the recent advances in technology in education field.
To sustain academic excellence and achieve all-round development of the students, a dynamic model, ‘P-5’ is implemented in all the institutions with five essential components viz. teacher empowerment, creating learning environment, promoting competitiveness, utilizing technology, and involving the community.


“Only educated are free”- Epictetus (55-135 AD) While the poorest in the nation are relentlessly pushing their living standards upwards due to support extended by the governments, the state of Andhra Pradesh triggered a different revolution in the lives of poor by giving them free education. Andhra Pradesh state government has decided to provide quality education to the students of Scheduled Caste (SC), Schedule Tribe (ST), and other Backward Community (OBC) sections and has started, in 1984, Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (APSWREIS). The sole objective of the society is to provide quality education to poor children by ‘catching them young’ and empower them with requisite skills so that they pursue higher education without any hitch.
While the number of students enrolled in the government run schools remained volatile, the social welfare residential schools continued to attract students since inception, thanks to their commitment to quality education. Getting admitted into Social Welfare Residential Schools is considered as a status symbol and passport to employment in rural areas even today. Students of APSWREIS schools never belied the expectations of their parents and the community at large. Thousands of students of these institutions continue to join civil services, medical, engineering, teaching professions even today. For instance, in the last 12 years alone these institutions could send more than 60 students to IITs and NITs and hundreds to medical and engineering colleges in the state despite many challenges.

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