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GO.Ms.91 Dt.13.04.2016 Funeral Charges enhanced to Rs.15000
GO.Ms.91 Dt.13.04.2016 Funeral Charges enhanced to Rs.15000

GO.Ms.91 Dt.13.04.2016 Funeral Charges enhanced to Rs.15000

GO.Ms.91 Dt.13.04.2016 Funeral Charges enhanced to Rs.15000

SERVICES WELFARE – Welfare of Government Employees – Sanction of expenditure on Funeral Charges  (Obsequies charges) of deceased Government Employees – Enhancement of Funeral Charges (Obsequies charges)   from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/- – Orders – Issued.


G.O.MS.No. 91                                                                    Dated: 13-04-2016

Read the following:-

1. O.Ms.No.1669, G.A. (Ser.F) Department, Dt.15-9-1965.

2. O.Ms.No.1052, G.A. (Ser.F) Department, Dt.5-8-1966.

3. O.Ms.No.304, G.A. (Ser.F) Department, Dt.27-4-1974.

4. O.Ms.No.104, G.A. (AR & T.II) Department, Dt.3-2-1978.

5. O.Ms.No.914, G.A. (S.W.) Department, Dt.27-12-1979.

6. GoMemo.No.312/SW/81-1, G.A. (SW) Deptt., Dt.23-3-1981.

7. GoMemo.No.448/SW/81-3, G.A. (SW) Deptt., Dt.25-7-1981.

8. O.Ms.No.510, G.A. (SW) Deptt., Dt.14-11-1985.

9. O.Ms.No.548, G.A. (Ser.Wel) Deptt, Dt.7-12-1998.

10.G.O.Ms.No.90, G.A. (Ser.Wel.) Deptt., Dt.9-3-2000.

11.G.O.Ms.No.569, G.A. (Ser.Wel.I) Deptt., Dt.6-8-2007.

12.G.O.Ms.No.192, G.A. (Ser.Wel.I) Deptt., Dt.23-04-2010.

13.D.O.Lr.No.25766, dt.11.12.2015 received from the  Deputy Secretary to Government, Finance Department.

O R D E R:


In the orders read above as amended from time to time, the Government have introduced a scheme under Welfare Measures to Government Employees according to which an amount of Rs.10,000/- is being sanctioned in terms of G.O.12th  read above to the nearest relative of Government Employees or the person lawfully in possession of the body of the deceased Government Employees to meet the expenses on obsequies ceremony.

2. In the O letter 13th  read above, the Finance Department has requested this Department to take necessary action for enhancement of Funeral Charges to the deceased Government Employees as per the 10th    Pay Revision Commission recommendation on the matter. The 10th  P.R.C., has recommended to increase the amount to Rs.20,000/-.

3.The Government after careful examination, hereby enhance the Funeral Charges (Obsequies Charges)  from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen thousand only) to all categories of Government Employees including All India Service  Officers  payable  to  the  person  indicated  in  para  (1)  above  and accordingly the following amendment is issued to the Annexure to G.O.Ms.No.1669, G.A. (Ser.F) Department, Dt.15-9-1965 as amended in the G.Os. read above.


The existing Rule 3 under “sanction of expenditure” shall be substituted as under: “3. the amount that may be sanctioned by the Head of Office for the

purpose shall not be more than Rupees fifteen thousand only

4. For  the  existing  para-3  in  O.Ms.No.548,  G.A.(Ser.Wel)  Department, Dt.7-12-1998 the following para shall be substituted:-

“The item of expenditure on obsequies charges shall be debited to sub- detailed Head of Account “310-Grants-in-aid”, “312-Other Grant-in-aid” under respective Major, Minor and Sub-Head of Account of the Department concerned and exempted from the Treasury Control and Quarterly Control orders. All Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Departments are requested to obtain supplementary grant for such expenditure incurred at the appropriate time during the same Financial Year.”

5. This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (HR.VI-MSPA-A&L) Department vide their O.No.25029/2/2016-SO (HR VI & MSPA-A&L), dated 24.2.2016.

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